Herrin Iva & Herr Kristoff
von Kink
Back in 2008 as beautiful, smart, alpha-powered and just married couple we relished in the process of achieving a list of academic accomplishments and being more than successful in our business careers… but we knew we wanted more. We knew we wasn’t satisfied. We realized how fulfilling the moments we leaded people could be, and that these kinky moments between a dominant couple and a submissive are what express our true nature.                                             
It’s a much longer story, one full of incredible happenings. But let’s just say that our passion needed a channel. We found that channel in a small dungeon in Hamburg, Germany and we never looked back, then we were managed to achieve considerable success growing into a professional BDSM artists performing on international szene.                                                   

Since 2009 we live and travel regularly as boutique performers in both - Western Europe and Russia. We both are dominant and bi-sexual. As professional Kink Experts we practice BDSM not only in the strict sense of the term, meaning: Bondage, Domination, Submission and Masochism, but FANCY to exploring and pushing the sexuality of our Subs in many ways and forms.                                



We value being present and truly here - wherever We are. Where we are is a place where anything can happen. In each other’s company is where we can be our truest selves.                                                      


We will bring you to the highest ecstasy through our perverted alpha games! 

Be sure - our varieties are very diverse, our fetishes are limitless! 



 You will always feel us - very close and far away... Because BDSM is not a fight - BDSM is a mind blowing play! It is an exquisite art of black eroticism and it makes us happy to bring you exactly where you belong - beyond the bottom!!!


Our studies had us immersed in philosophy and medicine, which is at the heart of BDSM play. Our travels have seen us soaking in culture and unforgettable panoramas across Europe and Asia alike. Living in these places has been essential in efforts to satiate our wanderlust. Just as much as we savor slinking into airplane seats, we love curling up on the couch with a book and a glass of wine. We are besotted with the artistry of exquisite food, architecture, art, our attentions loving to focus on the seemingly trivial details that constitute the whole. Just like our interests in culture and all that makes it what it is, our interests in you are the many, many pieces that constitute the whole.                   
You enters the boudoir and closes the doors behind you. You gives us a stern look and notice our cool elegance, an intoxicating alpha power that permeates the room. "On your knees, Slave!" says the Master. He is already unbuckling a black leather collar, stalking towards you. You drop down to your knees like a good little submissive. As the mistress gracefully approaches you, you held your breath and take a moment to appreciate her beauty. Painful! The Mistress slaps you on your face. "Open your mouth, you little B*tch"... "Wide open!" - she forced opens your mouth and you feels the warm "Dominakuss" just dropping from her juicy lips straight into your throat.                                        
Good boy! Our kinky play has started now! Just follow our path and let it be yours!                   
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